Cooking Cultures -projekti

Cooking Cultures is a project where food brings young people together!

It all begun during autumn of 2018. A group of friends from the district of Malmi wanted to do something different and new. Something that inspires you and make you feel excited! Maybe even something to make your friends jealous!

This group of friends heard about a study visit made by another group of young people from the same living neighborhood. The group started to gather together with two youth workers to see where this idea could go.

A common interest was found from food and cooking through one session where everyone were free to think anything that helps to catch the good feeling – and who doesn’t like to eat good food and spend some nice time while cooking?  This was also very important question to ask from ourselves to help us to realize what we actually want to achieve by implementing this project.

After a while of working on with the idea, we realized that we want to learn how food comes to the table and how to take actions on climate crises. We chose cooking and food related activities which brought us in to the nature to see and learn what kind of wild herbs can be found and how you can use them in making some nice tea for yourself and your friends. We also learned that there is a reason for everything, even with wild herbs!

Each herb is fulfilled with several health benefits to help you keep going. If you ever feel like you are about to catch a flue just make some tea from wild thyme or before an exam you can ease your nerves with some chamomile tea. It is very easy and doesn’t take too long to make!

We also learned a very important connection between plants and bees. Surprise, surprise the bees are the worls most important pollinator of flowering plants. Even wild thyme and chamomile. So bees also need care and protection. They are actually our friends because we could not survive without them. Honey is also very good produce that you can use for many causes! It offers nature’s own medicine and gives a nice flavor to your cup of tea with some wild thyme.

Now you must be thinking how does all this help us to learn how food comes to the table? Well just read for a little longer and let us share you what we learned.

We also visited a local green market to see where the locally harvested produce can be found. using locally harvested produce helps us to take care of environment because the food is grown closer to you! It is trendy to cook intercultural food which we also like. This project helped us to look back to traditional recipes which are full of ideas about how to use locally harvested seasonal vegetables and other produce! Food comes to the table by the decisions we want to make!

We want to take actions in global warming by making greener choices each day. This project helped us to see how seasonal produce can be used, how you can find local superfood and get inspired by its benefits. Taking care of yourself and the nature comes hand in hand.

We learned that nature provides as super good things so our responsibility is to take care of our mother nature. We actually collected a lot of garbage from the forest. Small things makes a difference. As we already mentioned everything is up to what you decide to do!

You can look for ideas and inspiration from our cook book which blends in both Macedonian and Finnish cultures: